Parth Valve and Hoses LLP, your trusted provider of Slide Gates for industrial applications. We offer a wide range of Slide Gates, including Rack and Pinion Slide Gates and Knife Edge Slide Gates, designed to meet your specific material handling needs. Our Slide Gates are engineered to provide precise flow control, efficient material handling, and reliable performance in various industries.

What is Slide Gates?

Our Slide Gates are designed to regulate the discharge or isolation of bulk materials in industrial processes. With their sturdy construction, smooth operation, and customizable features, our Slide Gates offer exceptional reliability and performance. Whether you require a standard Slide Gate or a specialized solution, we have the expertise to meet your requirements.

Key Features and Benefits of our Slide Gates

Precise Flow Control : Our Slide Gates provide accurate and controlled flow control of bulk materials. The gate mechanism allows for precise modulation of the material discharge, ensuring optimal material handling efficiency and preventing material spillage.

Robust Construction : We understand the challenging environments in which our Slide Gates are utilized. That's why we utilize high-quality materials that are resistant to abrasion, corrosion, and wear. This ensures that our Slide Gates are durable and capable of withstanding demanding operating conditions.

Smooth Operation : Our Slide Gates are designed for smooth and reliable operation. The sliding mechanism, whether rack and pinion or knife edge, ensures easy opening and closing of the gate, minimizing material flow disruptions and maximizing operational efficiency.

Customizable Options : We offer a range of customization options for our Slide Gates, allowing you to tailor the design to your specific application requirements. This includes gate size, material of construction, sealing mechanisms, and control options, ensuring seamless integration into your existing systems.

Applications of Slide Gates

Mining and Minerals : Slide Gates are widely used in mining operations for the controlled discharge of bulk materials such as coal, ore, and minerals. They are employed in hoppers, chutes, and conveyor systems to regulate material flow and ensure efficient material handling

Food Processing : In the food industry, Slide Gates are utilized for the controlled handling and discharge of granular or powdered materials such as grains, flour, sugar, and spices. They play a crucial role in maintaining precise material flow during various processing stages.

Cement and Building Materials : Slide Gates are essential in the cement and building materials industry, where they regulate the discharge of cement, fly ash, sand, and other bulk materials. They contribute to efficient material handling and process optimization

Chemical and Pharmaceutical : Our Slide Gates find applications in the chemical and pharmaceutical industries for the controlled handling and discharge of powders, granules, and bulk materials. They are designed to ensure accurate metering, prevent cross-contamination, and maintain process efficiency

Rack and Pinion Slide Gates

Our Rack and Pinion Slide Gates feature a reliable rack and pinion mechanism that provides smooth and precise gate operation. This design ensures accurate flow control and efficient material handling, making them suitable for a wide range of industrial applications.

Knife Edge Slide Gates

Our Knife Edge Slide Gates are designed to handle abrasive and challenging materials. They feature a robust knife edge sealing mechanism that prevents material leakage and provides excellent sealing performance, even in harsh operating conditions.