Hot Gas/Air Diverter Valves

Our Hot Gas/Air Diverter Valves are specifically designed to handle high-temperature gases or air and provide reliable flow control in various industrial processes. These valves are engineered to divert the flow from one source to multiple outlets or vice versa, ensuring efficient and controlled distribution of hot gases or air. We offer T-Type and Y-Type configurations to suit different application requirements.

Plenum Type Bypass Diverters

Our Plenum Type Bypass Diverters feature a T-shaped design with a diverter plate that can redirect the flow of hot gases or air from a single inlet to two outlets. These valves are widely used in applications where there is a need to distribute the flow to multiple processes or equipment. They provide precise flow control and help optimize the utilization of hot gases or air in your industrial processes

Y-Type Hot Gas/Air Diverter Valves

Our Y-Type Hot Gas/Air Diverter Valves have a Y-shaped design with a diverter plate that can redirect the flow of hot gases or air from a single inlet to two outlets in a specific configuration. These valves are commonly used in applications where there is a need to divert the flow to specific processes or equipment. They offer reliable flow control and ensure efficient distribution of hot gases or air according to your process requirements.

Key Features and Benefits of our Diverter Valves

High-Temperature Resistance : Our Diverter Valves are constructed from high-quality materials that can withstand elevated temperatures, ensuring reliable performance and durability in high-temperature environments

Precise Flow Control : The diverter plate in our valves enables precise flow control, allowing you to direct the flow of hot gases, air, or materials to the desired outlet(s) as per your process requirements. This ensures efficient distribution and optimal utilization of resources in your industrial processes.

Robust Construction : We understand the demanding conditions in which our valves are used. That's why we utilize high-quality materials and robust construction techniques to ensure our diverter valves can withstand the challenges of industrial environments, ensuring long service life and minimal maintenance requirements.

Customization Options : We offer customization options for our Diverter Valves, allowing you to tailor the design to your specific application needs. This includes the choice of materials, valve size, sealing mechanisms, and control options, ensuring seamless integration into your existing systems.

Applications of Diverter Valves

Power Generation : Diverter Valves are commonly used in power plants for diverting the flow of hot gases or air from gas turbines or boilers to different processes, such as waste heat recovery systems or emissions control equipment

Material Handling : Our Material Diverter Valves are widely used in industries such as mining, chemical processing, food and beverage, and pharmaceuticals for efficient handling and distribution of bulk materials, ensuring precise material flow and process optimization.

Industrial Heating and Cooling : Hot Gas/Air Diverter Valves are utilized in industrial heating and cooling systems to redirect the flow of hot or cold air to different zones or equipment, providing precise temperature control and energy efficiency

Process Industries : Diverter Valves find applications in various process industries such as chemical, petrochemical, food and beverage, and pharmaceuticals, where the controlled distribution of gases, air, or materials is essential for process optimization and product quality.

At Parth Valve and Hoses LLP, we are committed to delivering high-quality Diverter Valves that meet industry standards and exceed customer expectations. Contact us today to discuss your specific requirements, and let us provide you with reliable solutions for your diverter valve needs.